Day 21 – At the Beach

Got up at 07:30 and did the blog. Following breakfast at the villa we started the task we have been dreading all holiday – packing to go home and clearing up the villa. After we had packed and tidied as far as we could, we headed off to the beach for our final sunbathe. The sea was more choppy than previous and there was also a lot of plant leaves in the water as well. The water was quite warm once we got in. After that we both lay down in the sun and fell asleep. When we woke up the sky had come over cloudy so we decided to call it a day and head back to the villa. When we got back to the villa Jan and I had the sad task of throwing away her flip-flops and my sandals which between them have given over 16 years faithful service – we only hope their replacements will be as long serving! In the evening we had dinner in Carrabba’s which was it’s usual excellence washed down by some great margaritas. After dinner we headed next door for a game of crazy golf. This was a course with a difference as between the first and second hole you could feed some baby alligators with pieces of meat dangling off a long stick. It was great fun watching them fight amongst themselves for these tiny bits of meat. After a very close game which fluctuated back and forward I managed to beat Jan by 1 shot. I suppose I did have a slight advantage as I accidentally pushed Jan into the alligator pool and she played most of the game with half her toes missing (only joking it was only one toe!). After all that excitement we headed back to the villa trying not to think about tomorrow.

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