Day 19 – At the Beach & Ellenton Outlets

Got up at 07:30 and did the blog. After having breakfast in the villa we headed off to the beach for a spot of sunbathing as the sky had turned blue again and the weather had returned to normal. The sea was cold at first but once you were in it was lovely and refreshing. We spent a very relaxing few hours at the beach enjoying the sunshine and getting a little sunburnt before heading back to the villa to finish off the remainder of last night’s meatballs. The weather was still nice so we headed off in the afternoon to the Ellenton Outlets for a spot of retail therapy. We spent more than we intended as usual but we both got a nice watch and a pair of Skechers shape ups each at a considerable saving on UK prices. I got my usual Jeans and Polo shirts and Jan got yet another T-Shirt. I don’t how she is going to get all this stuff home as she was dead on the limit coming out – probably give it to me to carry in my suitcase! There was only one thing left to do there then and that was to head to Kilmin’s Ice Cream Parlour for an ice cream float to celebrate our purchases. By now my sunburn was really starting to kick in so we headed back to the villa via what will probably be our last steak dinner at Outback this year. As always the meal was excellent – we are going to miss it when we return to UK. The promised rain never materialised either so all in all it was a very good day. Tomorrow morning we are off to the De Soto National Memorial Park for a spot of exercise and bird watching and then in the afternoon a return visit to Hooters for some more bird watching – well it would be rude not to!

2 thoughts on “Day 19 – At the Beach & Ellenton Outlets

  1. Your going to turn into an ice cream float at this rate!! I just googled ‘kilwins ice cream st armands circle’ to try and remember if I went there before and guess who appeared in the google images… Dad!! Thought I would tell you because it made me chuckle!!

    Enjoy your last few days- can’t believe how quick it has gone! Really enjoyed reading your blogs as always

    Lots of Love

  2. Thats hilarious, I did a search too and Dad came up in the images – brilliant!

    Can’t believe you haven’t been to Naples yet, you must go!

    Make the most of your last few days, we’re off to Majorca for a long weekend so will catch up with you when we’re back on Tuesday.

    Take care and love you lots

    Gen and Tom xxxx

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