Day 17 – Relaxation

Bridge Street RoundaboutBridge StreetCortez Fishing PierGot up at 07:30 and did the blog. Weather forecast for the whole weekend is wet and windy so planned trip to Naples has been cancelled. If weather improves on Monday we may go then, but weather forecast for the remainder of the holiday is not brilliant – in fact it starts to improve on Thursday the day we fly back. After a late breakfast I went and lay down by the pool but it was very windy so in the end I gave up. After lunch we took a short drive down the road to Historic Bridge Street. As the name suggests there was originally a bridge on this road completed in 1922 which connected to the mainland at Cortez village. When the new drawbridge was built in 1967 the Anna Maria side of the bridge was converted into a fishing pier which is still standing today. Even though it was quite windy there were a number of anglers fishing off the pier. Whilst we walked down the street we were stopped by a resident who had lost her Chihuahua dog which had run off after being frightened by a bang. We said we would look out for it whilst we were walking around but we didn’t see it. We stopped by her house on the way back but she wasn’t around – lets hope she found it. The street itself contains a mixture of quaint shops, bars, restaurants as well as permanent and rental accommodation. An interesting feature of the street is that it joins the main road at a roundabout albeit a small one, the only one I have seen on this holiday. The clouds were starting to look threatening so we headed off to Walmart’s to get a few provisions. By now it was nearly 16:00 so because of the weather we decided to head off to the Sandbar restaurant on the Island for an early dinner. Jan had grouper and I had chicken washed down by margaritas – very nice. We headed back to the villa and watched a funny film which we had bought earlier – Ghost Town starring Ricky Gervais. Outside the wind blew quite strongly – we were glad we were indoors. Tomorrow the weather is forecast to be worse so it will probably be a quiet day in.

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