Day 14 – Ringling Museum of Art

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Got up at 07:00 and did the blog. Jan was up just after 08:00 and after getting ready we headed off to iHop for breakfast. Walked out of iHop slower than we walked in and then we headed off for a return visit to the Ringling Museum of Art. We went there last year and enjoyed it so much we said we must go back. There have been some changes to it which has made it even better. There is more interaction now as can be witnessed from Jan showing how not to fall off a horse! I really wish I had been around at the early part of the last century when a circus came to town. Schools and factories would be closed down so that everyone had the opportunity to see it – a truly spectacular sight with all the colourful trailers. Whilst we were walking around a new part of the museum we came across a poster of a clown called Bello Nock (see picture below) – he reminds me of someone, just can’t think who!! We really enjoyed walking around the estate again especially sitting on the patio in front of the house overlooking Sarasota Bay watching the flying fish perform their aerobatics. All in all we were there for nearly five hours which went very quickly. If we come back to Sarasota next year we shall certainly visit again as there are more additions and improvements in the pipeline. We then headed up to Ellenton outlets for a bit of retail therapy. The first stop though was Kilmin’s Ice Cream Parlour (the real reason why I wanted to go there). After the now compulsory ice cream soda we headed off in different directions. The problem for me with these outlets is that they are primarily selling clothes and shoes. There are no book, computer or record shops so there is very little to interest me. It didn’t seem to stop Jan though and she came away with yet another handbag and some t-shirts whilst I came away with a free map of the place! On the way home we stopped off at Outback for another lovely meal (sorry Doms). Tomorrow we will probably have a lazy day at the beach again.

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