Day 13 – At the beach

Florida 2011 287Florida 2011 160

Had a lie in until 08:00 and then started to do the blog. Had a few problems with doing it yesterday – firstly I ran out of space on my web album and it wouldn’t let me upload anything off my camera. After investigation I discovered I had been uploading at too high a resolution. The only way was to delete all my previous images and reload them at the lowest resolution. That did the trick and it doesn’t look any different on the blog. Having solved that problem I had a problem uploading the blog itself which involved changing the password – it was just like being at work! Jan had been woken up at 09:00 by some workers outside trimming the palm trees so I stopped for a spot of breakfast before I resumed sorting out the blog and Jan read her work. Having completed the blog I put the TV on, and what should be starting but Perry Mason a very popular show in the UK in the late 50’s early 60’s in glorious black and white which only those of you of a certain vintage would remember (Maurice) memories of Della Street, Hamilton Burger and Paul Drake. Anyway enough reminiscing, sometime during the programme Jan fell asleep again – what a light weight. Later on whilst getting a drink from the fridge Jan discovered a baby lizard on the fridge door – we are still trying to work out how it got in as none of the windows are open. In the afternoon we headed back to the beach. The water temperature had dropped six degrees since last weekend but it was OK once you were in. I fell asleep in my deck chair whilst Jan read her book – it’s what holidays are about. As we had eaten a very rich meal last night we decided to eat in and Jan cooked meatballs and pasta again which we had enjoyed a few nights ago. After dinner we watched the original Footloose film – the story was a bit far fetched but the music was good. Tomorrow we are off to iHop for breakfast followed by a return visit to the Ringling Museum of Art which we enjoyed so much last year. Oh and in case you wondered who took the picture of us in the villa – the lizard of course!

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