Day 11 – Relaxation

Florida 2011 286

Got up at 07:00 to a beautiful sunrise. By the time I had written the blog it was now light and I went for a run. At first I really struggled and in fact started walking but I decided to try and start running again and from then on I was OK. I was out for about 20 mins which I was pleased with. When I got back I lay down on the bed and promptly fell asleep for another hour. We had breakfast in the villa and the original plan was to go to the beach but Jan was feeling a bit sick so we decided to stay in the villa and sunbathe by the pool. I fell asleep again on the sun bed. We were out there for about 2 hours and as Jan felt better I suggested going for a drive. We went to see a development called The Inlets which we visited last year. Although way out of our price range (the show house is on sale for 1.9 million dollars), it is nice seeing how the other half lives. After we left there we headed for the De Soto Square Mall which is a local mall which we had never visited. We only managed a quick look round as it was closing early because it was Sunday but we managed to buy a couple of DVD’s. My stomach was now feeling a bit dodgy so we decided to eat in. Jan cooked a lovely meatballs and pasta and after that I felt better. Tomorrow we are heading off to Busch Gardens and our first ride on the new Cheetah Hunt roller coaster – watch this space.

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