Day 10 – At the beach

Florida 2011 278Florida 2011 279I slept in this morning until 08:00. I finished off the blog and after Jan arose at 09:00 we had breakfast in the villa. After breakfast we headed off to Holmes Beach. The beach was quite crowded but we soon found a spot and pitched our umbrella. It was a little cooler today than previous with the temperature in the mid 80’s – about the same as UK which is very unusual for this time of year. The one advantage here is that the sea is warm and you can walk straight in. The breakers were a bit bigger yesterday and reminded us both of the wave machine at Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando. We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours and then had a spot of lunch at the beach cafe. We both had fish and chips – the fish which was Pollock was very nice but the chips were not – the Americans just can’t cook chips properly and I left most of mine as did Jan. We then headed back to the villa and after cleaning up I decided to go for my first run of the holiday – I think I should have waited a bit longer after lunch as I struggled all the way round. I am going to try again tomorrow before breakfast to see if I find it any easier. After having a shower I lay down on the bed and fell asleep! In the evening we headed back to the Beach House for dinner. It was so busy the car park was full so we had to opt for valet parking. We had another lovely dinner whilst watching the sunset. After retrieving our car we headed back to the beach to enjoy more of the sunset. Tomorrow we are planning another day of sunbathing and relaxation in preparation for Busch Gardens on Monday.

One thought on “Day 10 – At the beach

  1. Enjoyed catching up with all your activities. I can’t remember when you’re due back, let me know, so as normal I can wind you up with a count down!!

    You’re right it wasn’t me giving you a call not a lot to say about 0-0 but I was happy with a draw, Luton did well with 5-1 win.

    I’m sure you know, but the weather here has been great, in the high20’s for the last few days, think we are ok for another day before we get back to the seasonal weather.

    Bye for now

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