Day 9 – Myakka State Park

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First of all, for those who had a go at spot the Dolphin on yesterday’s blog page those of you who said underwater out of sight were quite correct. The picture is in fact a movie clip which unfortunately will not play on the blog. Whilst I can edit text on a posted blog I can’t add another picture because I am using an iPad so I am including a picture in today’s blog which has a dolphin in it. Hopefully when I get back to UK I can sort it out on my PC. As for today I was awoken by my mobile going off at 05:30. As is always the case I never made it to the phone but saw it was a Bournemouth number. I thought it might have been Maurice ringing me up to tell me how bad Bournemouth FC are doing this year but as it was 10:30 in the UK he probably wouldn’t have been up! After having breakfast in the villa we set off at about 09:30. We got there just after 10:30 and booked an airboat ride on the lake. On the way to the boating lake three wild turkeys crossed the road in front of us. The lake is home to many animals and birds including about 700 alligators. During the tour we saw about 5 or 6 as well as an interesting bird called an Anhinga or snake bird which is similar in looks to a Cormorant. It floats in the water with just it’s neck and head showing and looks like a snake moving. Neither of us had heard of it before but it was fascinating to watch. We then headed off to the Bike Rental. We could have rented out a Tandem but if ever there was a recipe for both of us ending up in traction that was it, so wisely we rented out one each. Jan was so fussy about her choice of bike, first she wanted one with two wheels and then she wanted one with a comfy saddle! Eventually bikes sorted and our outer extremities sprayed with mosquito repellant we set off on what turned out to be a very relaxing and enjoyable ride. Half way round we met an English couple and their two young children from York who are staying near us. When we asked if they had been to Disney they said no we don’t do theme parks. Everyone to their own but I felt sorry for the children because Disney World is such a happy place and great fun especially for young children. During the ride a deer ran out of the woods behind us saw us and then legged it in the opposite direction before I could take a picture. Eventually we returned the bikes having not fallen off once and with no mosquito bites so the spray did it’s job. On the way out of the park we saw another couple of deer as well as another alligator. We both really enjoyed our visit to the park but after that there was only one place to head, and that was to St Armand’s Circle and Kilmin’s Ice Cream Parlour where an ice cream float had my name on it. Suitably refreshed and after a browse round the shops we headed back to the villa. As we were both tired we decided to stop off at a local pizza bar where we shared a very tasty pizza. After a very enjoyable day we hit the sack just after nine.

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