Day 7 – At the beach

Florida 2011 008Slept in this morning until 08:30 – late for me. After a good nights sleep felt much better than yesterday. Jan got up soon after and we had breakfast. The weather forecast was good – little chance of rain and 90 degrees in the afternoon so we decided it was time we went to the beach. For the amount of money we are paying for the villa the beach equipment provided was meagre to say the least – two chairs one of which collapsed when you sat in it and two umbrellas one of which was broken. We managed to do a bodged repair on the chair so we could sit in it very carefully but the broken umbrella was unusable. Undeterred we headed in to the water which was lovely and warm. We spent about an hour at the beach by which time we both had sore backs from the awful chairs. We decided that we would look into renting some equipment but it worked out at 20 dollars a day so in the end we bought two chairs and a large umbrella for 85 dollars which is more cost effective as we will be here for a further 2 weeks and hopefully they will still be in one piece if we return next year. We headed back to the villa and Jan cooked some poached eggs. Unfortunately when she removed the eggs from the pan she discovered a dead baby lizard floating in the water. We had no idea how it got there as the pan was upside down in the cupboard. At this point we lost our appetite for the eggs and just had toasted muffins! Whilst Jan had an afternoon siesta I headed out with my cameras to take a few shots of the area. In the evening we headed to the Beach House restaurant where we had a lovely meal by the beach and watched the sunset – wonderful.


One thought on “Day 7 – At the beach

  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Had a wonderful day got really spoilt! Off to Amsterdam today.

    Sounds like your having a great time minus the dead lizard..gross although hate the things so glad it got cooked!!! Can’t believe you think the Shamu show was good… Were you watching the same show I saw!!!!

    The beach looks beautiful- very jealous. We appear to be having a mini summer this week, yesterday it was gorgeous could of almost been in Florida!!!

    Lots of love

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