Day 6 – Relaxation

Florida 2011 001After the fun and games of yesterday woke up this morning feeling decidedly under the weather. My feet were really sore and I had a touch of the shivers. I tried to write the blog but it was a real struggle. I phoned up Dollar Car Rental to complain about the car and they said to bring it back to the airport and they would change it. So after breakfast in the villa we headed off to the airport. They still didn’t have any Dodge Chargers like we had last year but instead gave us a Chevrolet Impala 3.5 V6 which is of similar size and performance. The car is much better all round than the previous one and on paper should give us an extra 5 miles per gallon. From there we headed off to Bradenton to try and find the camera shop. In the best tradition as I discovered later I managed to drive right past it. As we were in the area we headed off to Best Buy to return Jan’s game. This took us nicely up to lunch time and as iHop was close by we headed there. Luckily they had wi-fi in iHop so I was able to recheck where the camera shop was. I was started to get the shivers again so we sat out in the sun for a while to warm up. We then headed off to the camera shop which this time we found and I managed to get the part for my camera at last. We headed back to the villa and I said to Jan that I didn’t fancy eating out so we stopped off at Publix to get some eggs and beans which Jan cooked in the villa. I was starting to feel a bit better but I still dosed myself up with medicine and had an early night. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better as the weather is promising to improve.

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