Day 4 – Rain and Relaxation

Florida 2011 233Got up this morning at 05:30 – my body still hasn’t adjusted properly to the time change. Once it got light I decided to go for an exploratory walk of the neighbourhood. I saw some shoals of flying fish down by the river and a fairly close encounter with a red squirrel near the beach. I started walking along the beach but noticed a rather ominous black cloud heading towards the Island. I tried to get off the beach but there were no exits back to the road. When I eventually came to one the cloud was right overhead and sure enough it started to rain and boy did it rain – I got absolutely drenched walking the two miles or so back to the villa, but at least there was no lightning. The rain put paid to our plan to go for a swim in the sea so we had breakfast in the villa and then headed off to the camera shop in Sarasota. Unfortunately they didn’t have the bit I wanted but said the Best Buy store down the road might. The layout of the Best Buy was very similar to the one in Hedge End but they didn’t have the bit either. Jan bought a game for her DS but when she tried it back at the villa it didn’t work. The bad news is that we will have to go back to the store and try and get a refund – the good news is that the store is next to iHop which is where we had lunch today – Burger and Chips – handsome! After lunch we visited a very good bookstore – we could have spent a fortune but have no room in our cases thankfully. By now the clouds were starting to look very threatening again so we decided to head straight home and cancel the visit to Kilmin’s Ice Cream Parlour (sob sob). Soon after we arrived home the heavens opened again so we chilled out. This evening Jan cooked a nice Chicken and Rice meal. Tomorrow we are off to Orlando to meet up with Gary and Paula from work at Sea World – our first Theme Park of the holiday – I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Rain and Relaxation

  1. Shame about the rain, hope its better for you in Sea World today.

    Enjoying reading all about it.

    Take care and eat well (i’m worried about your ticker)

    Lots of love xxx

  2. Shame about the rain but if it rains today you’ll be in the right place.
    Red squirrels can be dangerous don’t get too close they may want to steal your nuts!!
    Bye for now

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