Day 3 – Relaxation

Florida 2011 230Florida 2011 229I got up this morning at 05:45 having had a goods night sleep and did the blog. I called Jan at 08:00 and after getting ready we headed off for our first visit this year to Denny’s for breakfast. 500 calories each later we headed off to Walmart to get a few things and on the way there the heavens opened for about 5 mins and then just as quickly as it started it stopped again. We dropped off the shopping and then headed off to the beach for a walk. The water was so warm we regretted not bringing our swimming gear so on our return to the villa we headed to the pool for a cool off. I was just about to get in when I noticed there was a crab in the pool. It wasn’t that big and I eventually managed to fish it out with a net – we both wondered how it got in there! Crustacean removed we both enjoyed the swim. After all that exercise we retired upstairs for an afternoon nap. In the evening we had dinner at Outback. I had steak and sweet potato and honey with a side salad and I can honestly say that was one of the best restaurant meals I have ever had in my life. To round it off we shared a 1000 calorie dessert comprising of chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, cream, ice cream etc etc – well you get the picture. We just about managed to walk back to the car. Stopped off at Publix to buy some ingredients for dinner tomorrow which Jan is cooking, and also to get another large carton of chocolate milk as some greedy swine had drunk all the other one! As it is Sunday tomorrow Jan is having a lie in so we also having breakfast in the villa. We are also planning to go for a swim in the sea as the water is so warm(sorry). After that we are heading off to Sarasota as I need to find a camera shop. On the way back it is 100 per cent certain that we will divert to Kilwin’s Ice Cream Parlour for some more medicine!

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