Day 2 – St Armand’s Circle & Anna Maria Island

Florida 2011 210Florida 2011 214Florida 2011 221Florida 2011 224I got up at 06:00 having had a good nights sleep. It was still dark outside so I decided to finish off my blog which I had started on the plane. As soon as it got light I took some pictures of the villa and then went for a walk to the beach. I really enjoy the first morning of a holiday exploring the area. I came back, uploaded the pictures to my blog and as it was by then 08:30 I gave Jan a call. She had slept well – these American beds are big and comfortable. We both got ready and headed off in beautiful sunny weather to iHop for breakfast – a first morning tradition in Florida. The food was wonderful (don’t mention the calories) as always and whilst we were there we started talking to an American guy named Terry who turned out was a massive Top Gear fan so we ended up laughing about some of the things they got up to. He also gave us directions to get to a Post Office to post Dominique’s card. Unfortunately he told us to turn left at the next junction when he should have said right but we got there in the end. With still bloating stomachs we headed off to St Armand’s Circle where I had an appointment with Kilwin’s Ice Cream Parlour. We went for a walk round the other shops first and then it was time to indulge – 12 months I have waited and it didn’t disappoint. Suitably refreshed we headed off on a lovely drive up Longboat Key in the direction of Anna Maria Island. We parked up and walked on to the Historic Pier. We went there on our first day last year and Jan wanted to do the same this year. The locals were really friendly and there was a lot to see in the water – a dolphin in the distance, pelicans, egrets, thousands of fish and even a group of Manta Rays plus one odd spotted one. It was still very hot so we decided to head back to the villa for a swim to cool off. The water in the pool was lovely – you could walk straight in. The pool itself is a bit small but for somewhere to cool off it is perfect. After all that exercise we both had a nap and in the evening headed for dinner at Carrabba’s Italian Grill – just as good as we remembered. All in all a great first day and to top it all it didn’t rain.

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