Day 1 – We have arrived

Florida 2011 207

Got up at 4:52 two minutes after Jan – strange what a holiday can do to people as I normally have to get a crowbar to get her out of bed. Finished packing without incident until it came time to weigh the cases with our new baggage weighing scales. In the instructions it said to attach the scales to the case, lift off the ground and in 2 secs the weight would be displayed – Wrong!! – ours took 15 secs which was just about manageable for our small hand luggage cases but when it came to Jan’s vastly overweight main case it was beyond me – I think a member of the SAS would have struggled!! In the end I gave up so as not to risk an Hernia. The other day Jan set off the fire alarm (Didn’t burn anything!) and the only way I could stop it was to remove the battery. I lost the battery as only I can but just as we were leaving Jan saw where I had ‘left’ it. I thought it would be a good idea to put the battery back but in trying to do this the whole unit came away from the ceiling! After all this drama we left at 6:25 and after an uneventful journey arrived at the car park at 7:55. Arrived at the airport at 8:30 and went straight to check in – no queues. The lady at check-in was really helpful – we could have had an upgrade as part of my raffle win but we would have been seated apart. The check-in lady instead gave us the two front seats in economy with the extended legroom and large table which was much better. We picked up our currency from Travelex and headed off to security. At this point I discovered that in the 50 metres between the two places I had misplaced my passport. We searched both suitcases, Jan’ s handbag, my pockets but to no avail. After 10 mins of mild panic I discovered that I had put it in my wallet – what a Wally! Jan had visions of going off on holiday on her own (over my dead body). Anyway after this further drama we went through Security unscathed and headed for our traditional full English breakfast at Garfunkel’s – a great healer. After that Jan headed for Duty Free where in the space of 20 mins she doubled their days takings! Not long after that we boarded the plane and took off more or less on time. The flight was incident free with the seat belt lights going on for about 20 mins whilst we were over Bermuda but it didn’t get uncomfortable. The service was excellent and after lunch I tried to watch Bridesmaids but I just couldn’t stay awake. Jan watched it but fell asleep in the middle. Pity really because the bit of it I saw was funny. Everything was fine until we were about 20 mins from Tampa when the Captain came on the intercom and said that because of thunderstorms over Tampa we were going to have to circle for 15 mins until they had cleared. Eventually we came into land, the wheels came down but at the last minute the Captain aborted the landing and we started climbing again – a buttock clenching moment! We then circled again to wait for another gap. After about 15 mins or so he tried to land again and this time we landed in horrible weather. All the passengers applauded when we touched down. He was stood by the gangway as we were exiting the plane and I said to him a bit of fun at the end there and he laughed. After all that drama the customs and immigration guy was very friendly and this time we hung on to our cases to catch the shuttle train. We went to straight to car hire and got a free upgrade as they had none left of what I had ordered. The car is a Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6 Litre V8 – god knows what it does do the gallon but at least petrol is cheap. It is a lovely car to ride in – very smooth and quiet. It may surprise you but we drove from the airport to the villa without taking a wrong turning or getting lost once. We had quite a light show on the way there from the thunderstorms. The villa is lovely – perfect for the two of us. We quickly nipped over to Publix to get a few essentials (chocolate milk and cookies!) Finally we went to bed at 10:00 after being up for 23 hours. We were really tired but it had been an interesting day. Tomorrow morning we are heading off to iHop for breakfast and then an explore round the island followed by a trip to the ice cream parlour at St Armands Circle – well it would be rude not to!

3 thoughts on “Day 1 – We have arrived

  1. Green with envy at my desk although the sun has made an appearence. Laughing very much and am shocked you didn’t get lost on the way to the villa. Well done!!

    Glad you have arrived safe. Enjoy IHOP!!

    Lots of Love

  2. Very funny reading Dad, glad I wasn’t on that plane, don’t know how I would have coped!!

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Take care
    Gen xx

  3. Afternoon from Bournemouth,

    Enjoyed reading your blog I’ll give you more footie detail tomorrow, will you be trying to do the Times comp while you are away?
    Raining at the moment here but due to clear up tomorrow!

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